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5 Chocolate Pairings for Valentine’s Day

Lauren Jaenicke

5 Chocolate Pairings for Valentine’s Day

There’s a saying that goes, “Flowers say ‘I’m sorry,’ chocolates say ‘I love you.’” This must be true, because sharing chocolate, even with your significant other, is nearly impossible! You can’t just share chocolate with anyone.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, chocolate of all sorts is most definitely on the radar: milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, raspberry-filled or oozing with caramel… it’s all in season and ready to be enjoyed by you and your Valentine.

Mix it up this year and enjoy your favorite chocolate as a pairing. Put the usual goodies like pretzels or wine aside for now (although we will always love these pairings!) because we have five interesting, yet delicious chocolate pairings you have to try—trust us!

1. Milk Chocolate + Bacon

This pairing satisfies both the sweet tooth and salty tooth all in one bite. Whether you alternate every bite between a chocolate bar and slice of bacon, or munch on bacon doused in chocolate, this will soon become your newest and most dangerous food addiction!

2. Dark Chocolate + Balsamic Vinegar

While this combination sounds strange, it tastes amazing! The rich bitter-sweetness of dark chocolate is similar to the notes of balsamic vinegar, hence making this pairing rich in taste from start to finish.

3. White Chocolate + Basil

This combination juxtaposes the sweetness of the chocolate with basil’s refreshing, peppery flavor in an oh-so wonderful way. You’ll really taste the smoothness of the white chocolate paired with basil.

4. White Chocolate + Seafood

White chocolate paired with seafood? You read correctly! This pairing may sound like the strangest yet, but we encourage you not to knock it before you try it. Pair these two at a one-to-one ratio, and we promise you will not be disappointed. We recommend caviar or calamari.

5. Dark Chocolate + Green Tea

Not only does this pair taste wonderful, it’s also a great energy boost. Both dark chocolate and green tea contain caffeine, which can help you stay more alert and attentive at work, or more importantly, while on a date. Dark chocolate and green tea can also help aid in weight loss—we won’t argue that!

No matter how you choose to enjoy chocolate, make sure to do it with a loved one this Valentine’s Day. Still in need of plans for the holiday? We have limited space available! Make reservations today to save your spot.